Rectifying Funding Disparities for Black Land-Grant Institutions

A new report from the Century Foundation highlights the underfunding of the nation’s Black land-grant colleges and universities, as Congress has the opportunity to increase funding and improve equity for these institutions through renewal of the federal Farm Bill later this year.

Issue Brief Highlights the Legacy of Underfunding HBCUs

Although enrollment is not limited to Black students, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have served a critical role in the advancement and development of Americans who have been underrepresented in traditional higher education pathways. The Hunt Institute recently released an issue brief highlighting the state of higher education funding for HBCUs.

New Report Evaluates Student and Campus Experiences With Federal COVID Relief Funding

For their analysis, NASFAA, NASPA, and HCM Strategists surveyed both students and practitioners on their experiences with the three round of funding under the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. They also compared the experiences of those at minority-serving institutions and non-MSIs.

Annual SHEEO Report Sheds Light on State of State Higher Education Finance

The State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) recently released its annual State Higher Education Finance Report for fiscal year 2021. SHEEO’s stated purpose of this report is to “broaden understanding of the context and consequences of public policy decisions in each state that contribute to public higher education funding levels and funding distributions across states and nationally.”

Six Months of CARES Act Spending

A new report from the Center for American Progress examines federal CARES Act spending by colleges and universities, between March and November 30, 2020.

Heading Towards Last Place: New Report Documents Decline in U.S. Research Funding

A new report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation provides an overview of the ongoing decline of federal and state funding for university research.

Digital Tool Examines State Financial Aid Programs Across the Nation

The Education Commission of the States recently published a resource tool that examines the two largest financial aid programs offered in each state.

Federal Research Funding for Colleges and Universities: The Role of Indirect Costs

To help you talk about the importance of funding indirect research costs with your members of Congress and campus community, this short video charts the relationship between colleges and universities and federal research agencies and the very necessary expenses that often fall under the “indirect cost” umbrella.

Meeting the Funding Needs of Community Colleges

A new report by The Century Foundation discusses the true cost of community college education, current funding gaps, and the steps policymakers can take to overcome those gaps.

State Higher Ed Funding Halfway Back to Pre-recession Levels

The State Higher Education Executive Officers Association recently released their annual State Higher Education Finance report, which finds that state and local higher education funding has recovered only partially from the 2008 recession.

AASCU Releases Top 10 Higher Education State Policy Issues for 2019

AASCU has released its top 10 higher education state policy issues for 2019. The brief predicts a more optimistic state policy landscape in 2019 due to factors such as strong state revenue forecasts, but also notes higher education also may face intense competition for state resources and the prospect of an economic downturn.

SHEEO Report Tracks State Higher Education Finance for FY 2017

The State Higher Education Executive Officers Association recently released their annual State Higher Education Finance report for fiscal year 2017. It found that for the first time, public institutions in most states depend on tuition over appropriations.