How Higher Ed Leaders Can Manage Campus Policing

Increased attention to police brutality and violence against Black Americans in recent years has led to an uptick in student-led activism on college campuses. In response, the University of Southern California Pullias Center for Higher Education released a guide for institutional leaders on managing campus policing.

Fall 2020 Preview: Adapting in the Midst of Uncertainty

A piece from Inside Higher Ed breaks down some of the choices facing institutions, as schools contend with whether to adopt an in-person, fully online, or hybrid format of instruction; shorten the semester (by starting later and/or ending earlier); reduce density by alter class schedules; and how to enforce physical social distancing, among others.

FBI Report Addresses Hacking in Online Classes and Other Meetings

Tthere has been a significant uptick in reports of conference disruptions by individuals posting pornographic or hate images and using threatening language. In light of these security concerns, the FBI has sent out a press release on how to use the platform more securely.

New Report: Coronavirus and Student Mobility to and From China

The Institute of International Education (IIE) has published findings from a recent survey of institutions on the impact of the rapidly spreading novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on student mobility to and from China.

Webinar Addresses How to Manage Academic Programs for Minors

The National Association of College and University Attorneys (NACUA) is offering a webinar Sept. 25 on the “Legal and Practical Risks in Providing Academic Experiences for Minors.”

Guns on Campus: An Unfolding Public Health Crisis

President Emeritus Leo Lambert of Elon University writes that it will take courage, moral leadership, and political will to solve the crisis of gun violence at colleges and universities and K-12 schools.

ACE2018: How Can Campuses and the Office for Civil Rights Work Together to Address Sexual Misconduct?

In the era of the #MeToo movement, the public eye increasingly is focused on the issue of sexual assault and harassment. Higher education leaders at ACE2018 discussed some of the difficulties surrounding this issue particular to higher education and approaches colleges and universities are taking to address them.

Providing Transparency to the Title IX Process

ACE Senior Vice President Terry Hartle writes that the Department of Education’s effort to replace legally binding but unclear guidance with legally binding and clear regulations will hopefully result in greater protections for all students.

Achieving Gender Equality on Campus

Stony Brook University (NY) President Samuel Stanley Jr. and moderator Rosemary E. Kilkenny, vice president for Institutional Diversity and Equity at Georgetown University (DC), discussed the United Nations-backed HeForShe movement and the quest for gender parity on college campuses during an ACE2017 session Match 14.

Guns on Campus May Change the Nature of the Learning Environment

Philip Rogers, ACE vice president and chief of staff, looks at the ACE2016 session on guns on campus, presented with the National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education.

Reinventing a Program, Revitalizing a City at Tulane’s School of Architecture

Ten years ago next week, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, wreaking havoc on the region including a number of higher education institutions. As one of the many schools affected by Katrina, Tulane University (LA) spent years rebuilding its own campus. But Tulane has also spent that time helping rebuild New Orleans as a whole.

Sexual Assault on Campus—Prevention and Response: A High Level Overview

Jessie Brown, ACE’s associate counsel, looks at Tuesday’s Annual Meeting joint session with the National Association of College and University Attorneys.