Shakespeare’s First Folio Begins Cross-Country Tour at University of Notre Dame

William Shakespeare is hitting the road, and he’s bringing his first folio with him. Among his stops will be 20 colleges and universities across the country, beginning next week with the University of Notre Dame (IN).

Webster President Beth Stroble on College Leaders Who Tweet

The term “social media” has entered that rare stratosphere of fame and recognition normally reserved for rock stars and presidents. Now, rock stars and presidents bow to the power of social media. Webster President Beth Stroble, an enthusiastic early adopter when it comes to communication technologies, reflects on what this means for higher education.

Higher Education in the Media: #WhatsHot?

By Ginnie Pera Titterton Over the past year or so, we’ve been tracking popular higher education stories in the trade press, in the top Internet media outlets and on social media sites. The tracking, while unscientific, has revealed some insight into what general public and trade audiences are reading and talking about regarding higher education…. Read more »