UC San Diego Expands College Opportunities for Native Youth

July 1, 2015

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Despite increases in postsecondary enrollment over the past decade, Native American youth don’t always view college as an option. That’s why the University of California, San Diego is partnering with the Sycuan and Viejas tribes to promote college culture in the San Diego region.

UC San Diego’s new Global Environmental Leadership and Sustainability Program will enable middle and high school students to attend college prep courses this summer at UC San Diego, as well as several other institutions in Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii and Washington, DC.

Students can take courses in art, science, math and technology, subjects that have deep ties to Native American culture. UC San Diego will also offer SAT and ACT prep courses to all students.

University officials hope they can demystify the college experience and allow more tribal youth to see themselves in college. The program is part of a larger university-wide effort to expand higher education opportunities and boost enrollment in underrepresented communities.

For more in-depth reading, take a look at this recent post by Christine Nelson on the challenges facing native youth and what is being done to expand the pathways to college.

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