Century Foundation Report Explores Future of Statewide College Promise Programs

March 27, 2018

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Title: The Future of Statewide College Promise Programs

Source: The Century Foundation

Author: Jen Mishory

Date: March 2018

A report released by the Century Foundation categorizes and investigates different choices in designing Promise programs in different states, along with challenges and opportunities created by each choice.

Eligibility requirements vary among the states that have executed Promise programs since 2014. These requirements include first-, middle-, and last-dollar funding, merit, income, post-graduation residency, student supports, targeting high-demand fields and tuition+ (coverage of cost beyond tuition and fees).

In addition, the report also provides guidelines to structure future statewide Promise programs, which help to eliminate inequitable cost containment measures, offer a clear message to students and their families, and accelerate investments in higher education.

To learn more, please download the report here.

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