ACE President Ted Mitchell Joins Other Experts to Discuss the Value of Digital Credentials at ASU + GSV Summit

May 7, 2018

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As the contemporary labor market shifts from an historic reliance on degrees toward an emphasis on strengths and abilities, a new currency of digital credentials is emerging with the potential to measure and communicate the unique skills and competencies of job seekers. Armed with more accurate, granular information about what job seekers know and can do, employers are able to shift toward a skills-based hiring paradigm, removing barriers to entry for many would-be employees who have the requisite skills to succeed but may not have the degree or resume that would otherwise be required.

On the main stage of the ASU+GSV Summit 2018, ACE President Ted Mitchell joined leaders of five organizations deeply involved in the transformation of how skills and learning outcomes are valued in the labor market. Together they offered their perspectives and predictions on the future of digital credentials during a session titled “Credentials as Currency: The Future of Skills Liquidity.”

Moderator: Jonathan Finkelstein, Founder + CEO, Credly

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