Veterans Education Success Report Examines Veterans’ Completion Rates

December 12, 2018

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Title: Postsecondary Non-Completion Among Veterans: Contributing Factors and Implications

Author: Walter Ochinko and Kathy Payea

Source: Veterans Education Success

A recent report released by Veterans Education Success examined the factors surrounding student veterans’ postsecondary degree completion, including the rate of completion, use of GI Bill benefits, and time-to-degree.

The authors found that 37 percent of first-time student veterans did not use their GI Bill benefits. Student veterans who did not use their GI Bill were 27 percentage points more likely to have cumulative student loan debt, compared to 31 percent of those who used their GI Bill.

However, student veterans as a whole were found to have higher rates of persistence and completion compared to non-veterans.

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—Ben Schaap

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