Lumina Tracks Progress Toward 60 Percent Degree Attainment Goal

April 10, 2019

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Title: A Stronger Nation: Tracking America’s Progress Toward 2025

Author: Lumina Foundation

Over the past 10 years, the Lumina Foundation has worked with various organizations and governmental groups to increase the number of Americans ages 25 to 64 who possess postsecondary degrees and other high-quality credentials. In an effort to track the nation’s progress toward their goal of 60 percent of adults holding a high-quality postsecondary credential, Lumina recently released this year’s edition of their A Stronger Nation report.

This report contains information on postsecondary attainment for the nation, its major urban communities, as well as each state and its counties. Additional analysis was also done on degree attainment for various racial and ethnic groups in the nation and each state.

Click here to visit the report’s companion site and here to find versions of the report for download.

—Ben Schaap

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