Reports Look at the Growth of Liberal Arts at Community Colleges

June 24, 2019

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Reports: Humanities and Liberal Arts Education Across America’s Colleges: How Much Is There?

Humanities and Liberal Arts Education at Community College: How It Affects Transfer and Four-Year College Outcomes

Source: Community College Research Center

A new report from the Community College Research Center (CCRC) found that enrollment in humanities courses at community colleges has increased in recent years, while a second study looks at the humanities and liberal arts as a predictor of degree completion, vertical transfer, and completion.

According to the first report, overall, the number of undergraduate liberal arts degrees awarded has risen since 2000, with increases at both two-year and four-year public colleges. Despite more recent declines in the number and share of humanities and liberal arts bachelor’s degrees awarded by four-year colleges, the growth in liberal arts at community colleges has made up the difference.

The second report challenges the idea that there is little educational value in liberal arts coursework at community colleges. CCRC researchers found that academic success in liberal arts coursework at a community college is a strong predictor of success after students transfer to a four-year college.

To download copies of both reports, see the CCRC website.


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