Increasing Access to Prepare for Jobs of the Future, According to a New Urban Institute Report

October 28, 2019

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Title: Training for Jobs of the Future. Improving Access, Certifying Skills, and Expanding Apprenticeship

Source: Urban Institute

Authors: Robert Lerman, Pamela Loprest, and Daniel Kuehn

According to a new report from the Urban Institute, current changes in the economy and workforce call for action to maximize worker training and increase productivity and wages. Such changes indicate increases in low-wage jobs and the variety of skills that employers demand. To prepare jobseekers for this labor market scenario, the authors propose the following policies:

  1. Enhance access to in-demand training through changes in information, technology, and funding;
  2. Improve the connections between career and technical education and training and employer needs; and
  3. Build a robust apprenticeship system.

The report explains the impact of these policies on different stakeholders and gives specific examples of higher education institutions that implemented some of the policies.

With a focus on improving connections between the education sector and the labor market, the authors elaborate on the differences between earning credentials and certifying skills. They also recommend using a “verified resume” to prove skills with endorsements from previous employers and educators as a benchmark, greater reliance on competency-based education, and developing and implementing a system of stackable credentials (e.g., micro-credentials, badges, and short-term certificates).

To learn more about the policies and approaches proposed, read the full report here.

—Maria Claudia Soler

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