Celebrating 50 Years of the ACE Fellows Program

A look at the 50th anniversary celebrations for the ACE Fellows Program from current Fellow Audrey Bilger, who is blogging her way through her year at the University of California Riverside.

Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, President and Mentor

President Dennis H. Holtschneider of DePaul University (IL) moved attendees at the ACE Annual Meeting opening plenary with his remarks on the importance of the guidance he received early in his career—and how vital it is to give that support in turn to the next generation of leaders.

The Importance of “Deep Diversity”

It didn’t take long for Irshad Manji, an author who has written extensively about Islam and created the Emmy-nominated documentary “Faith Without Fear,” to set the tone of her keynote address at Saturday night’s Women’s Leadership Dinner at ACE’s 97th Annual Meeting: Spirited, a bit irreverent, but packing a powerful emotional and intellectual message. “Good… Read more »

Leadership and Authenticity

In her latest post, ACE Fellow Audrey Bilger argues for a leadership style that stresses “adaptive authenticity.”

Crossing Sectors

ACE Fellow Audrey Bilger moves between the public and private sectors—and discovers they have more in common than is usually thought.

The Golden Class of ACE Fellows

Meet Audrey Bilger, professor of literature at Claremont McKenna College (CA) and new ACE Fellow. Audrey will be blogging her year at the University of California Riverside for Higher Education Today as the ACE Fellows Program celebrates its 50th year. (Photo by Greg Allen)

VIDEO: Committee on Coherence at Scale for Higher Education

Our colleagues at the Council on Library and Information Services and Vanderbilt University (TN) are looking at how the higher education community can manage the transition from analog to digital technology in a way that stresses access, collaboration and inclusion.

Difficult But Increasingly Important: Shared Governance on Campus

Without buy-in from stakeholders like boards of trustees, faculty and students, strategic plans don’t go far. And according to a panel at ACE’s 96th Annual Meeting this morning, as the world in which higher education operates becomes more complicated, it’s important to use these plans to advance big ideas on campus. The panel, moderated by… Read more »

Aneesh Chopra: 10 Red Balloons and Innovation

Aneesh Chopra addressed Annual Meeting participants at #ACESeize14 today about how technological innovations at use in health care relate to higher education, among other things. We’ll have more later, but he told a great story of innovation and social networks that came out of MIT. Here are the details, if you aren’t already familiar with… Read more »

What’s the Deal With the Toothbrush?

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin engaged in an in-depth conversation Monday morning with ACE Senior Vice President Terry Hartle about her new book, The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism, and her work chronicling the lives and careers of other presidents. But Hartle ended the… Read more »

Mary Sue Coleman Tells Universities to Innovate, Disrupt, Repeat

University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman kicked off ACE’s 96th Annual Meeting Sunday afternoon with the Atwell Lecture, the traditional opening to the meeting each year. Her focus was on the need for universities to become more innovative and entrepreneurial, using her own institution and state–which was hit earlier and harder by the 2008 recession… Read more »