Infographic: Presidents of Minority Serving Institutions

Who are the presidents of minority serving institutions (MSIs) and how do they approach diversity and inclusion on campus? A new ACE infographic draws upon data from the American College President Study 2017 to highlight MSI presidents, their work, and their views of the college presidency.

Faces of Dreamers: Kebin Lopez, University of Florida Levin College of Law

Kebin Lopez should have had a difficult decision before him: choosing between the multiple law schools that accepted his application. Instead, the decision was made for him when two institutions in Georgia rescinded their acceptance due to his DACA immigration status.

Higher Education Committee of 50 Releases Policy Recommendations to Congress

A committee of postsecondary leaders convened by NASFAA released 36 comprehensive policy recommendations on college access, affordability, accountability, and transparency.

Education Design Lab White Paper Proposes Learner Revolution

A recent white paper discusses how the current system of postsecondary education fails to meet the needs of the many of today’s college students, and provides considerations for a Learner Revolution, to reimagine the system in which students are prepared for professional success.

NASPA Report Recommends Work-study Improvements to Better Prepare Students for the Workforce

A recent report from NASPA–Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education draws upon existing research, practitioner interviews, campus visits, and a nationwide survey of campus administrators to take stock of the landscape of on-campus employment opportunities.

Recommendations From MSIs on Preparing Teachers for Diverse Schools

Minority Serving Institutions have a long record of preparing teacher candidates to better teach students of color in K-12 schools. Bellwether Education Partners drew upon the experiences of these institutions, existing literature, and other sources to provide recommendations to all types of institutions on how to improve their teaching programs.

ACE, Higher Education Groups Hold Briefing on International Students

ACE, along with the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, the Association of American Universities, and NAFSA: Association of International Educators, hosted a briefing on Capitol Hill this week on international students and their importance to the American innovation ecosystem.

ACE2019: Leveraging Philanthropy

Stephanie Bell-Rose, senior managing director of the TIAA Institute, examines the ACE2019 session “Leveraging Philanthropy to Catalyze Change in Challenging Times” in which she participated as a speaker.

Faculty Survey Reveals Differences in Perspectives on Campus Climate by Race and Gender

The Higher Education Research Institute has collected data from over half a million faculty at more than 1,100 colleges over the past three decades. The 2016-17 HERI faculty teaching survey highlights differences in perception of campus climate among faculty members.

Black Student Representation at Public State Colleges and Universities

The Education Trust has published a new report that examines how well each state’s public colleges and universities are serving Black students.

How to Help Financially Vulnerable Students Succeed

The Institute for College Access & Success have published a new report that discusses the challenges faced by financially vulnerable students.

NCES Releases Report Projecting Educational Statistics To 2027

A recent report from the National Center for Educational Statistics projects educational outcomes to 2027 for elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education, including projections on enrollment, graduation, and other data.