AAUP Report Documents Changing Tenure Trends in U.S. Higher Education

A recent report by the American Association of University Professors finds a decline in tenure-track positions at U.S. institutions, which could change the culture of higher education.

College Board Releases Annual Trends in College Pricing and Student Aid Reports

The College Board recently released its annual Trends in College Pricing and Trends in Student Aid reports for 2018. According to the pricing report, average published fees have increased, especially in the private nonprofit sector. To keep up, the student aid report revealed many institutions are moving to further supplement their students’ financial aid packages.

The Paradox of Free Speech in America Today

Sanford J. Ungar, president emeritus of Goucher College, former host of All Things Considered on NPR, and director of the Free Speech Project at Georgetown University describes the difficulty Americans and higher education institutions face today in figuring out what free speech means and how to implement it with reasonable, common-sense standards.

Infographic: College Presidents on Free Speech and Campus Inclusion

College leaders face the pressing challenge of managing the tensions between campus inclusion and freedom of expression. Download and share this infographic based on ACE’s recent survey of nearly 500 college and university presidents on their viewpoints on and experiences with these tensions.

Report Examines How High School Students and Parents Perceive Public College Cost

A new Stats in Brief report published by the National Center for Education Statistics describes how high school students and their parents perceive the cost of one year at an in-state public four-year college.

Policy Brief Highlights Consequences of Performance-based Higher Education Funding

Performance funding (PF) policies tie a portion of institutions’ state funding to measures of student access, retention, or completion. But a recent policy brief from the Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education suggests that some state PF policies have had unintended consequences in the two-year sector.

Faces of Dreamers: Linett Isela Lopez, University of Houston-Downtown

DACA status helped Linett Isela Lopez pursue her goal of working with disadvantaged elementary school students, but now her dream is at risk. Like many other Dreamers, she has bounced between hope and fear as the future of DACA remains in limbo.

Report Shows State Funding for Higher Education Has Not Bounced Back Since Recession

In a newly released report, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities finds that a decade after the Great Recession hit, state spending on public colleges and universities remains well below historical levels.

The Hard Work of Innovative Presidents and Teams

A group of 15 current and former higher education leaders met recently to discuss ACE’s American College President Study. Their conclusion: Innovative leadership is more about responding effectively to challenges than it is about predicting the future or having the newest idea.

The Civil Rights Project: How Higher Education Policy Impacts Students of Color

The Civil Rights Project hosted a policy briefing Sept. 25 on new scholarly analyses of present and proposed federal higher education policy and the potential impact on students of color.

New USC Report Grades Level of Equity for Black Students by State and Institution

A report recently released by the University of Southern California Race and Equity Center focuses on the level of equity for black students in each state and their four-year, non-specialized, public postsecondary institutions, using four equity indicators: representation, gender, completion, and black student-to-black faculty ratio.

Ed Trust Report Provides Framework for Equitable Free College Programs

A new Education Trust report responds to the recent wave of state “free college” programs with an equity-minded critique of free-college programs’ designs.