Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, President and Mentor

March 16, 2015

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Rev. Dennis Holtschneider

President Dennis H. Holtschneider of DePaul University (IL) moved attendees at the ACE Annual Meeting opening plenary with his remarks on the importance of the guidance he received early in his career—and how vital it is to give that support in turn to the next generation of leaders.

For his dedication and service, Rev. Holtschneider is the recipient of the 2015 Council of Fellows/Fidelity Investments Mentor Award. Click here for more information.

Rev. Holtschneider & Fellows

With the ACE Fellows he has mentored: Back row, left to right: Lawrence Potter Jr., Holtschneider, Dereck Rovaris.

Front row, left to right: Anne Clark Barlett, Elizabeth Gill, Jacqueline Taylor, Elizabeth Oritz.

Not pictured: Lawrence Hamer, Sandra Mayfield, Michele Gee, and William Crowley.

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