Morgan State University Paving the Way for Adult Learners Through CPL

December 12, 2016

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Research shows that adult learners are more likely to enroll in, persist in and complete postsecondary education programs when institutions recognize students’ previous experiences and grant credit for prior learning (CPL).

With a boost from ACE’s Center for Education, Attainment and Innovation’s College and University Partnerships (CUP), Morgan State University, the largest historically black college and university in Maryland, is doing just that.

Through a $5,ooo CUP grant in 2015, Morgan State established a campus-wide committee with key stakeholders for the project and developed policy on CPL and competency-based education.

After that phase of its work was complete, Morgan State set out to enhance students’ awareness and utilization of CPL by developing a marketing plan for the new initiatives. It also won internal and external grants to sustain the CPL initiatives and entered into partnership agreements with Johns Hopkins University (MD), University of Maryland University College and Anne Arundel Community College (MD).

The result: Several new CPL options and the development of competency-based education courses and portfolios.

ACE’s Center for Education, Attainment and Innovation’s Office of College and University Partnerships (CUP) collaborates with higher education institutions and other organizations to boost adult learners’ postsecondary attainment, working toward greater awareness, acceptance, and application of ACE credit recommendations for military and corporate training, and other prior learning assessment options. Through webinars, technical services, and special initiatives, CUP supports the work of higher education institutions and the learners they serve.

At a Glance: 

ACE Member Institution: Morgan State University (MD)

Initiative: Credit for Prior Learning

Through the grant from ACE, Morgan State has:

  • Established a campus-wide committee with key stakeholders for the project.
  • Developed policy on credit for prior learning and competency-based education
  • Developed a marketing plan for the policy and initiatives
  • Established IHE partners and identify professional development opportunities for committee members
  • Acquired internal and external grants to sustain CPL Initiatives.


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