Competency Frameworks: Blueprints for Strong Learning Structures

July 31, 2017

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Title: Competency Frameworks: Blueprints for Strong Learning Structures

Author: Holly Zanville

Source: Lumina Foundation

A recent blog post from the Lumina Foundation discusses how frameworks act as blueprints to ensure all credentials are of high quality. Author Holly Zanville argues that redesigning the credentialing process to use learning frameworks in the creation of such systems will help build pathways for learners to earn high-quality credentials, and in turn, secure employment.

Who determines what is of high quality? Zanville states that multiple stakeholders share this role, including higher education faculty, employers and accrediting bodies. Frameworks can help create strong foundations for learning, but also require other components such as faculty development, time and resources for framework building and useful assessment tools to evaluate learning in order to create high-quality credentials.

To read the full post, please see the Lumina Foundation’s website.

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