Ready for Jobs, Careers, and a Lifetime: Public Research Universities and Credentials that Count.

December 20, 2017

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Title: Ready for Jobs, Careers, and a Lifetime: Public Research Universities and Credentials that Count.

Author: Association of Public & Land-grant Universities

A recent report released by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities provides research about the needs facing students and communities, and how these needs present both challenges and opportunities for institutional leaders.

The report argues for increased engagement and coordination among postsecondary education stakeholders so that local colleges, businesses, communities, and policymakers can better understand how to align job market demands and program offerings. Additionally, the report calls on institutions to not think of their missions as either vocational or broader education for life, but to embrace both of these ideas, as they are necessary for developing the technical expertise now required across disciplines and job sectors.

Finally, the report calls for a better understanding of the pathways taken through higher education to entering the workforce—pathways critical for students and their families, employers, and colleges and universities. By understanding such pathways, colleges and universities can be more responsive to students and their communities by: expanding flexible delivery options; developing alternative credentialing; incorporating adaptive learning approaches; expanding work-and-learn opportunities; adapting career services to focus on career exploration; improving the use of data and analysis; and helping faculty and student advisors to better align student goals with opportunities and pathways.

For more information, view the report here.

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