New Book on Public Scholarship in Higher Education Focuses on Equity and Access

August 28, 2018

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Title: Envisioning Public Scholarship for Our Time

Editors: Adrianna Kezar, Yianna Drivalas, and Joseph A. Kitchen

Publisher: Stylus Publishing

In the modern era, scholars work hard and fast to share new knowledge in their respective fields. However, those who lack the resources to access this knowledge are often the ones who need it the most, according to a new book by Adrianna Kezar, Yianna Drivalas, and Joseph A. Kitchen. The authors also say that the research and knowledge generated in the realm of public scholarship should promote equity and social justice for underserved communities.

With a foreword by ACE’s Lorelle L. Espinosa, Envisioning Public Scholarship for Our Time discusses the importance of ensuring that public scholarship reaches those at the ground level where it can have the largest impact on stakeholders, especially marginalized communities. Chapters discuss strategies that scholars can use to best share research results with students, parents, and the general public, as well as lawmakers and administrators.

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