Recommendations From MSIs on Preparing Teachers for Diverse Schools

March 18, 2019

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Title: Preparing Teachers for Diverse Schools: Lessons From Minority Serving Institutions

Author: Max Marchitello & Justin Trinidad

Source: Bellwether Education Partners

Minority Serving Institutions have a long record of preparing teacher candidates to better teach students of color in K-12 schools across the nation. Because of this, Bellwether Education Partners drew upon the experiences of these institutions, existing literature, and other sources in their new report, which provides recommendations to all types of institutions on how to improve their teacher candidate preparation programs.

Recommendations were organized under three key areas: incorporating diverse viewpoints and multicultural education into the coursework of teacher candidate preparation programs; providing teaching candidates with opportunities for field experiences located in diverse settings; and improving the diversity, equity, and inclusion of teacher candidates and college faculty. The report concludes that providing teacher preparation programs that follow these recommendations can serve to address some of the race-based achievement gaps that are currently present in K-12 education.

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—Ben Schaap

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