Report Looks at Quality of Work/Life for Adjunct Faculty

The challenges facing adjunct faculty in higher education are well-documented, particularly as adjunct labor plays an important role in course instruction and student advising. A February 2022 report by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) provides an update to a 2020 report examining the adjunct workforce in higher education.

Excelencia Releases Annual Analysis of Institutions and Programs That Serve Latino Students

Using the most recent publicly available data from the National Center on Education Statistics, Excelencia in Education released their annual analysis of institutions that enroll and graduate Latino students.

What Is the Return on Investment for Higher Education?

The Bipartisan Policy Center has released a new report on the return on investment (ROI) for higher education institutions. Expanding on the prior studies, this report estimated ROIs for 3,349 higher institutions in the United States, by comparing students’ earnings after graduation—their college earning premium—and the costs of attending that institution.

Recent Data Show Increase in College Completion Rates

The 10th report in the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center Completing College series offers insights about college completion rates for students who graduated high school and started college in 2015.

Second Report in Series Offers Insights on Student and Faculty Perceptions of Instruction During the Pandemic

Combining data from the National Survey of Student Engagement and the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement, findings from the second report give insights on student and faculty perceptions of instruction and learning as campuses adapted to pandemic challenges.

New Report Highlights the Value of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

The authors used data from three surveys—the Strada-Gallup Education Survey, the Strada Outcomes Survey, and the National Survey of Student Engagement—to better understand the experiences and outcomes of HBCU students and alumni.

National Student Clearinghouse Data Demonstrates Impact of COVID on Enrollment and Transfers

Although these data are inherently limited in their ability to establish causality as to how the pandemic has impacted enrollment and transfer rates, they are potentially helpful for enrollment managers and other education leaders to compare their own institutions’ data against trends throughout the sector.

What Is a Rural-Serving Postsecondary Institution, and Why Is that Designation Important?

A recently published report from the Alliance for Research on Regional Colleges defines what it means to be a “rural-serving institution.”

Knight Foundation Releases the Fourth Report on College Students’ Attitudes Toward Free Expression

The Knight Foundation recently released a new report in collaboration with Ipsos measuring college students’ attitudes toward speech and the First Amendment. This report is based on the 2021 Knight-Ipsos survey, the fourth in a series of the foundation’s campus speech surveys.

New Brief Offers Recommendations for Revamping Student Loan Servicing to Better Assist Borrowers

As the May 2022 student loan repayment deadline approaches after the pause resulting from COVID-19, public discourse has focused on the impact that repayment may have on borrowers. One component of this impact remains the call for student loan servicing reform

A Window of Opportunity: New Report Examines the Long-Term Effects of the Pandemic on Postsecondary Education

A new white paper from EAB examines the long-term effects the COVID-19 pandemic might have on postsecondary education, focusing on four main areas: social disengagement, mental health, availability of transfers, and unfinished learning in K-12.

Report Finds Lack of Representation for Women and Women of Color in the U.S. University Presidency

Title: The Women’s Power Gap at Elite Universities: Scaling the Ivory Tower Authors: Andrea Silbert, Magdalena Punty, Elizabeth Brodbine Ghoniem Source: Eos Foundation-The Women’s Power Gap Initiative and American Association of University Women A recently published report offers insights about women, particularly women of color, in the U.S. university presidency. The authors of this report… Read more »