Student Support and Success

mental-health-well-being-series-smallThis blog series aims to explore the various dimensions associated with college student mental health and well-being. Scholars, administrators, analysts, and practitioners will address the challenges faced by different populations of students and offer resources and ideas for support.

The series, which will be updated throughout 2019, will serve as a resource for those interested in learning more about the issues surrounding college students and their mental health and the quest for well-being.

beyond-the-margins-smallThe 21st century college student population is the most diverse in our nation’s history, characterized by the intersection of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, family composition, age, and economic status among others. The benefits of heterogeneous environments are many. Research shows that diversity can increase self-awareness, promote creative thinking, enhance social and cognitive development, and prepare students to navigate a diverse workforce. As a pluralistic society, we are right to be inclusive of populations historically omitted from dominant discourse and media on diversity and equity.

This blog series on underserved student populations brings together ACE staff and guest authors—administrators, scholars, practitioners and analysts—to look at deep-rooted issues that perpetuate division and inequity.